Our story

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About Us

Accord Apparel was founded in the North East of the UK by Aidan Carey. We were tired of paying high prices for designer-quality garments. We have a vision to create fashionable, high-quality clothing for competitive prices that everyone can enjoy. Accord in the long term will also become a platform for young creatives to begin a career in fashion, and also a platform to collaborate. 

As a newly emerging fashion label, we have one goal in mind. To see people wearing our fashionable and trendy clothing worldwide.  We also want to help young creatives start a career in fashion. This journey is going to be long and tough but we believe we have created the necessary steps to get us started. 

To provide our first steps towards being an environmentally friendly brand. All of our T-Shirts use 100% Organic cotton fabrics as they are longer lasting than normal fabrics and is more sustainable and ethical than regular cotton, protecting the environment where it is grown whilst also providing a stable income with fair wages for those who produce it. Organic cotton uses no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, limits soil erosion and is less thirsty than normal cotton. It also requires 62% less energy to produce and manufacture the fabric compared to normal cotton. Our T-Shirts from drops 4 and 5 (2022) are produced in Pakistan as its one of the world's largest producers of cotton. They were also made in an ethically safe environment and we frequently checked with our supplier that their workers were happy in their workspace, the factory we used is small for this exact reason as it is easier to regulate.

In 2022, we took the decision to move all production to Europe, primarily Portugal. All garments are made using natural dyeing processes and 100% organic cotton. In an ethical and sustainable environment. Regulated under EU law with garments certified with 

ISO 45001, OCS 3.0, GOTS 6.0 and OEKO TEX Standard 100.


We do not use blank products produced by large companies such as Gildan or Fruit and loom. Our products have been designed from the ground up with a custom fit and feel unique to others on the market.

Accord Apparel's first 3 releases were produced in Latvia and Spain and manufactured to order as our founder Aidan Carey was studying full time during that period, and as a result, they use different fabric compositions for our latest pieces.

Accord customers should feel a sense of exclusivity when wearing our garments from drop 1 to drop 10, as each of these releases will be in limited quantities and will only restock up to 2 times. This is to make the early adopters of the brand have something special that they deserve since supporting the brand since the start.

Our inaugural collection had the name "The Founders club" for this exact reason, it is the foundation for bigger things to come in the future and a marker of where we want to take the brand. This collection will NEVER restock, we wanted it to be as exclusive as possible to the people who have been part of our brand since day 1.

Aidan has even stated himself "When accord grows to a size that means I can walk down the street where ever in the world I may be and see a stranger wearing my brand, I will be taking all 13 customers of the Founders club on an all expenses paid 5-star meal as a thank you for believing in the vision from the start. I have all 13 names listed and will never forget them. If they didn't buy the founders club, me and the brand wouldn't be where it is today."

2023 has been a bumpy ride so far, with only two drops as of August. But we are back on track, and the future is bright. We are committed to making this name a successful one and we can't wait for you to join us.